Friends of the Library

Mineral County Friends of the Library provide financial support to the libraries of Mineral County, Nevada, and serve as an auxiliary to support the staff and trustees of the public library system with promoting the library and emphasizing the need for increased resources and access in our rural community. Monies acquired through Friends’ fundraising activities are used exclusively to support the needs of the library and its programs. Historic and on-going fundraising activities include the sale of donated books, audiobooks, videos; the sale of flash drives; an annual raffle; seasonal raffles; and special promotions such as matching donations for the Hawthorne library’s mobile printing service.

The main supported program is the annual Summer Reading Program which is a much needed recreational and educational activity for the youth of the community. Friends’ funds provide for the purchase of themed books, craft supplies, refreshments, and prizes as incentives to keep children reading through the summer months. Funds also provide for maintenance and upkeep of two very popular fish tanks, and help to support the virtual reality program for youth. One of the major past accomplishments of the Friends group was the acquisition of a discarded government building which the Friends refurbished to serve as a branch library in the community of Mina, Nevada.

Friends of the Library.

In addition to supporting programs, fundraising activities have greatly contributed to enhancements of equipment, collections, and furniture at both library branches.

Meetings of the Mineral County Friends of the Library are held September through May on the second Thursday of the month at 1:00 p.m. in the Mineral County Library meeting room in Hawthorne.

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